Accounting Plans

  • Tier 1 is all about DIY with an initial setup.  You buy your own license, we create your accounting file based on our methods, we enjoy some training together, and you track your transactions until tax time when we pull your financials together, file your taxes, and adjust your QuickBooks file so your accounts agree with your reporting.

  • Tier 2 is a managed partnership between the two of us.  We own the license and the record of truth while giving you access to process transactions. We have dual access to information, you do most of the processing, and we file your reporting – all from a remote desktop application.  With this model you’re able to do what you need to, like the DIY-er, but you’re never alone and the filing is done for you and properly entered in your software.  In this tier, neither of us ever has to ask for a financial statement or question the source of the information because we both have the access we need as long as there’s an internet connection, all without tedious file sharing.  If a file gets corrupted there is an automated backup system in place, automatic updates, and 99.9% uptime on top of our ability to troubleshoot and correct errors and get you back up to speed.

  • Tier 3 is for business owners who really would prefer to have nothing to do with their accounting other than to know it’s done.  All payroll, reporting, accounting and tax filing is exclusively handled by our office for a clear monthly fee. You have no access to the record of truth outside of reports we provide to substantiate any claims being made on your tax filings.  This tier is clearly designed for the old school business owner and those businesses that prefer an owners/principals hands-off approach to the official financial record while maintaining a pulse on the profit and assets of the business.