Payroll Add-on

Payroll Packages:

  • After The Fact Payroll

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    $75 per month
  • Perfection Payroll

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    $150* per month
  • Perfection Plus Payroll

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    $200* per month

After The Fact Payroll

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  • Designed for owner-only payroll with salaries.
  • You track hours, calculate deductions, and issue checks on your own independent system
  • You provide a complete payroll report for each quarter no less than 15 days after the end of the quarter
  • We calculate & report all WA and Federal tax forms (941/944, Employment Security, Labor & Industries, WA PFML, and WA LTD)
  • We schedule direct debit of your tax payments OR
  • We provide printed & “ready to mail” payment vouchers to you to pay and mail them in our pre-addressed envelopes.
  • We file your annual W2/W3, 940, and 1099’s (for additional billing in January)
  • Quarterly invoicing for you – All forms are e-file
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Perfection Payroll

We are a comprehensive payroll provider designed as a no-to-low touch payroll service to complement your accounting or your reporting needs.

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  • Ideal for payrolls with owner and non-owner employees
  • We set up your payroll in our system
  • We add and maintain all employee records and payroll history
  • We invite your employees to our time-tracking app – see below
  • We invite you to function as the manager to approve hours reported by your employees
  • Employee-level access to our payroll team for updates, changes, questions or corrections
  • Paystubs online in a shared drive and delivered via email with direct deposit or included with a physical check
  • Automatic Intuit update of W2’s to TurboTax
  • We confirm past tax payments are current and correct
  • We process all payroll calculations – wages, bonuses, tips, deductions, benefits, garnishments, and taxes
  • We issue direct deposit or mail payroll checks to your employees
    • We issue, sign, and mail payroll checks to employees without direct deposit
  • We draft wages, taxes, benefits and liabilities, and our payroll fees from your account and pay them on your behalf
  • We calculate and report all quarterly WA & Federal Tax forms
  • We file your annual W2/W3, 940, and 1099’s in January (with additional billing)
  • Digital and physical W2 & 1099 forms sent directly to your employees and subcontractors
  • All forms are e-filed
  • Employee Tracking App includes:
    • Scheduling
    • Time off requests
    • Vacation time
    • Sick time
    • Manager Level Approvals and monitoring before processing payroll
    • GPS Location & sign in reminders – with Mobile app only
    • Reimbursement Requests with attachments
    • General Ledger adjustments every pay period to your accounting

*$100 per quarter up to 10 employees. $20 for each employee after 10.

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Perfection Plus Payroll

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  • Ideal for Contractors doing government prevailing wage jobs requiring weekly payroll reporting to Prime Contractors and L&I or for Unionized employees
  • Everything in Perfection Payroll PLUS:
    •  Job Tracking per employee per hour
  • Done for you –
    • Labor & Industries Prevailing Wage reporting online
    • Affidavit Reports
    • Apprenticeship Reports
    • Union Dues & Benefits calculations, reporting, and payments.

*$200 per month, plus $10 per report per job, plus $75 per month for all required union reporting per month.

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